How You Become Liable...
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...for the Income Tax
Learn exactly how this happens ...and what you are able to do about it.

Ways to help publicize

The truth about how one becomes liable for the income tax has been buried so long and so many false ideas have been spread that it is difficult to get most people to even consider thinking about it. Stimulating curiosity, rather than saying "You have to read this!" may have more success in getting minds to open.

So here are some things you can do if you want to help spread the truth. Even a small effort, sustained over time, can have an effect. And you never know, you might be the one to bring the truth to the attention of someone who can reach thousands or millions of people. Keep that goal in mind!

Add a signature to your email

You see them all the time--those little messages at the end of emails put there by an email provider such as Yahoo, or by the email author themselves. In many cases you to can add a "signature" to the end of your emails. Here is one you could use:
Do you know EXACTLY how you become liable for the income tax?
Not one person in a thousand does, yet many who do also know
what they can legally do about it. Learn quickly what the law
You may even be able to make "" into an active link so all they have to do is click on it.

Write to someone at a high profile web site

Pete Hendrickson has tried mightily to open some eyes at without success. But that was before was created! Write any of their writers and ask them if they have taken the quiz.

And of course there are many other sites and writers you can contact. All you have to do is write them and ask if they have taken the quiz at The second or third time they get such an email, they may say to themselves, "Well, I better take the quiz so I can just say 'yes'"!

Write to someone who writes a newspaper column

As always, try to stimulate their curiosity. Ask them if they know exactly what event makes them liable for the income tax. Tell them that it is NOT that they earned money, the law is clear that it is something else. Ask them to take the quiz at That's it!

Write a letter to the editor

Most newspapers (the ones that haven't folded) accept letters to the editor, submitted by email or on their website. Tax season is an especially good time, but occasionally a letter will appear in which a writer claims that we have the income tax because of the 16th Amendment. Fire off a reply and tell them why this isn't true. Here's an example:
16th Amendment not required for tax

Joe Blow ("Time to repeal the 16th Amendment", Letters, February 15) suggested that the personal income tax was made possible by the 16th Amendment. This is simply not true; the first income tax (on the exercise of federal privilege) was imposed in 1862 and upheld by the Supreme Court several times. When the Congress added additional subjects to the tax in 1894 the Supreme Court invalidated the section on dividends and other property because taxes on property (direct taxes) must be apportioned among the states. The Court did not invalidate all income taxes. The 16th Amendment severed the link between the source (property) and the subject of the tax (federal privilege), allowing dividends to be taxed, but, as the Court said in Peck v. Lowe (1918), it "does not extend the taxing power to new or excepted subjects." As much as the government wants you to believe it, the 16th Amendment did not enable the income tax, the power was already there. The source of most people's liability is the declaration on a W-2 or 1099, wrongly, that their earnings derive from federal privilege. More details at
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